Unit 7 Air Pollution Resources AP®Environmental Science

These are resources for Unit 7 of the Course and Exam Description for AP®  Environmental Science . No one will do all of these items, because of the lack of time. Choose the ones that best serve your students, lab equipment and what seems fun to you! 

Most of the resources linked here are free and can be found on a different post on my website, or the link takes you directly to the website with that resource. I do have links to some paid items from various locations for your reference as many teachers like to see those options too.

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Unit 7 Lessons, Labs and Resources for AP®Environmental Science

TopicActivities/Alternate Content Ideas (Most can be filmed for distance learning)VideosLabsArticlesIdeas for Distance Learning Labs
7.1Introduction to Air PollutionAir Pollution Chart (coming soon)With Every Breath: Health Effects of SmogNY Times: See how the world’s most polluted air..
7.2Photochemical SmogTropospheric Ozone Chalk DrawingAir Pollution 101LA’s Poor Air Quality-Blame hand sanitizerOzone Pictures Virtual Lab
TedED-The Science of SMOGOzone in the Troposphere
7.3Thermal InversionAtmospheric Science Drawing Notes
7.4Atmospheric CO2 and ParticulatesAir Pollution ChartAir Particulates Experimental Design LabBeijing Links Birth Weight with SmogDistance Learning: Air Quality Virtual Lab
Air Particulates at-home Lab
7.5Indoor Air PollutantsPocket Air Demonstration (coming soon)Indoor Air Polution with PocketLab Air demoVOCs in Scented ProductsAt home lab-distance learning on indoor air pollution
Women who clean at home
Ways to improve indoor air pollution
7.6Reduction of Air PollutantsAir Pollution ChartClearing CA Skies
7.7Acid RainAcid Deposition Chalk Drawings
7.8Noise PollutionNoise Pollution Experimental Design Lab with free phone apps
ReviewAir Pollution Sorting Cards and Chart

Make sure you are always practicing math. Read about APES math here.

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