Air Pollution Videos

Sounds crazy, but a good air pollution documentary doesn’t exist to show to our students.  Instead, there are many smaller videos that work well.  I live in Southern California, and we have terrible air pollution problems as shown by an ozone measurement below.

Ozone measurement next to the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles

Here are my favorite air pollution videos. While focused on California, the information is important for all students and will be asked about on the big exam.

With Every Breath: Health Effects of Smog

This is made by the California Air Resources Board so it focuses mainly on Photochemical smog (troposphere ozone, NOx and particulate matter). It is 19 minutes and engaging for students.

Clearing CA Skies

Also made by the California Air Resources Board. Covers the history of air pollution and its control. Very positive video for students to see an environmental success story. It is 17 minutes.

Ted-Ed The Science of Smog

This is nice, new Ted-Ed developed by an APES teacher–5 minutes.

Bozeman Science

Bozeman Science videos are great as review–not for initial learning (even Mr. Andersen emphasizes that).

Air Pollution 101

Do one Thing

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