6 Week Study Plan for the AP® Environmental Science Exam

One tool that I provide for students is a 6 week study plan. I have everything on a chart which provides students will a systematic tool to help them study.

Some start to stress and panic when I pass this out, but I tell them that this chart is to ELIMINATE stress from procrastination. They can get through all these items in 6 weeks if they do a few each day.

This chart is customized for the Withgott book and my class.  If you want to use it, you will need to alter. I give my final exam (100 question released multiple choice exam) the week before the AP® exam.

Also, I cannot provide the link to my Google review folder that I give to my students. I have a lot of items that are not my intellectual property so I wont share online without permission, but I can share with my students only. Its very easy to create your own google folder and just pop a bunch of items in it.

Do my students use this? Some do and some do not.  But, for the first time AP® kid, this gives them comfort that they know where to start with reviewing for a big AP® exam.

I also send via email and text to their parents. Provides another measure of accountability.

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