Container Seeds in Ecocolumns

This year, I had packets of donated seeds that my students used in ecocolumns. Two of the packets were varieties made for containers and grew better than any plants had before in ecocolumns.

Container cucumber plant with a plethora of flowers and huge leaves.

These were the two varieties of container plants we tried this year (along with a bunch of other seeds). You can find them on Amazon by clicking on the links.

Typically, my student’s grow about 1-2 beans from one plant in their ecocolumns, if they’re lucky. Some of my students now have 10+ beans in their ecocolumns using this variety. They love eating them!

Bean plant with 2 green beans on it.

Not only were there more flowers and fruit, but I am so pleased with the results of the plant growth this year that I will try to purchase and use more container plant seeds next year.

Lots of green plant growth in this ecocolumn. Student is measuring soil using a Rapitest Soil Probe.

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