Unit 2 Resources AP®Environmental Science

These are resources for Unit 2 of the Course and Exam Description for AP®  Environmental Science . No one will do all of these items, because of the lack of time. Choose the ones that best serve your students, lab equipment and what seems fun to you! Click for Unit 1 Resources.

Most of the resources linked here are free and can be found on a different post on my website, or the link takes you directly to the website with that resource. I do have links to some paid items from various locations for your reference as many teachers like to see those options too.

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Unit 2 Lessons, Labs and Resources for AP®Environmental Science

TopicActivities/Alternate Content Ideas (Most can be filmed for distance learning)VideosLabsArticlesIdeas for Distance Learning Labs
2.1Introduction to BiodiversityHundreds of Reindeer Die by LighteningInvestigating Biodiversity-ESRI virtual Lab
Text Analysis Template (TPT)
Winogradsky ColumnsHHMI Biodiversity Elephant Survey
2.2Ecosystem ServicesEcosystem Services Chalk Drawings
2.3Island BiogeographyIslands and Biodiversity Doodle Notes (TPT)NOVA WildWays-one of my favorites! WorksheetIsland Biogeography Theory 5E (TPT)Virtual Island Biogeography Lab
2.4Ecological ToleranceEcocolumns
Add ecological tolerance to lots of different lab questions
2.5Natural Disruptions to EcosystemsMonarch migration doodle notes on TPTButterfly Migration-LA TimesData Nugget: Is Chocolate for the Birds
2.6Adaptations(Kids study this heavily in Biology so I briefly review and discuss environmental changes)Data Nugget: Birds
2.7Ecological SuccessionSuccession Doodle Notes on TPTHHMI Trophic CascadesCougars and Trees in a Trophic Cascade
Origami Glaciers (paid resource)Planet Earth JunglesHHMI Trophic Cascades Interactive
Wolves in Yellowstone Sketch Notes (TPT)PBS Wolves in Yellowstone

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