Content and Lecture Resources for AP® Environmental Science

Content and skills go hand-in-hand. Every question on the AP® Exam will combine content (essential knowledge and learning objectives) with AP® science practices. It is important to keep this in mind while teaching content and do not spend the majority of time on content while sacrificing science practices.

There are many ways to teach content and you decide what is best for you or your students. If you flip, you will have more time for skill-building through AP® Science Practices and lab work in class. Read how I flip my class in a normal year.

Read about different ways to deliver content that gives kids a break from slides.

Content Resources for Notes

Some food for thought as you’re deciding how to deliver content. Read “Students Think Lectures Are Best, But Research Suggests They’re Wrong”

  1. Utilize your textbook if you have a good one. Use reading quizzes to verify that students have read the book. It is impossible to cover everything during class via notes and also have time for labs and other science practices. Students need to be able to learn some material on their own. Read my review of the 3 most popular textbooks.
  2. AP® Daily videos from the College Board. Assign these videos through AP Classroom. For accountability, you can use these worksheets by She Cartoons on TPT.
  3. Slides per unit with corresponding videos from Jordan Dischinger Smedes. Use this link to find slides and videos using these slides.
  4. Videos for each unit made by Antonio Villareal. Use the link to click on his YouTube channel..
  5. Videos for each unit made by Ms. Cambell. Her YouTube Link is here and most can also be found on Edpuzzle.
  6. Sticky Notes for Withgott Book This is my playlist for my book, Withgott 5th edition. If you have the same book, you are welcome to use them. If not, you can watch snippets of a few to see how I use sticky notes in videos that I use to flip my class.

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