Unit 5 Resources AP®Environmental Science

These are resources for Unit 5 of the Course and Exam Description for AP®  Environmental Science . No one will do all of these items, because of the lack of time. Choose the ones that best serve your students, lab equipment and what seems fun to you! 

Most of the resources linked here are free and can be found on a different post on my website, or the link takes you directly to the website with that resource. I do have links to some paid items from various locations for your reference as many teachers like to see those options too.

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Unit 5 Lessons, Labs and Resources for AP®Environmental Science

TopicActivities/Alternate Content Ideas (Most can be filmed for distance learning)VideosLabsArticlesIdeas for Distance Learning Labs
5.1The Trajedy of the CommonsHappy Fishing (Tragedy of the Commons 5E)Online Tragedy of the Commons
5.2ClearcuttingThe Lorax-originalTrees and Forests 5EForest Ecosystem Management Trees and Forests 5E Lab with at-home supplies
Truax booklet (on PDF) with questionsDeforestation ESRI Virtual Lab
5.3The Green RevolutionSecrets of Plant Genomes RevealedGenetic Engineering Fact Sheet
5.4Impacts of Agricultural Practices
5.5Irrigation MethodsSalinization LabAt-home Salinization Lab using kitchen supplies and seeds
5.6Pest Control Methods
5.7Meat Production MethodsFood Inc.Hamburger, Fries and a ColaPlant-Based Alternatives
5.8Impacts of OverfishingCoral Reef Gizmo-use parts about overfishingEmpty Oceans, Empty NetsFood Choices and Ocean Health
How many Fish are in the sea?
5.9Impacts of MiningCookie Mining (with mass and scales)Mining Industry and Reclamation-LA TimesMining Virtual Lab
or Cookie Mining at home (without mass)
5.10Impacts of UrbanizationSymbioCity Virtual LabGreen Building Diagram to labelClimate Change and Cities Experimental Design LabLA on the Move-EEI readingMega Cities ESRI Virtual Lab
Noise Pollution Experimental Design Lab (can also be done in Unit 7)The Little House-Old Disney shortSymbioCity Virtual Lab and Noise Pollution Lab
5.11Ecological FootprintsHuman Footprint CalculatorCarbon Footprint of Food
5.12Introduction to Sustainability
5.13Methods to Reduce Urban RunoffVirtual Lab: PBS Reducing the Impacts of Urban Flooding
5.14Integrated Pest Managements
5.15Sustainable AgricultureCity Farm Virtual Lab with Lab worksheetThe Biggest Little Farm (with Thought Bubble Worksheet)City Farm Virtual Lab
5.16AquacultureTedEd/TEDtalk: Overfishing and Aquaculture
5.17Sustainable ForestryNature: Survivors of the Firestorm Fire Reading EEI
Worksheet to Survivor of the Firestorm

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