Chemistry of Soil Video Lab

This lab requires students to make claims and justify their claim as to which soil sample belongs to which results. I filmed this lab for distance learning, but it can also be used as a “homework” lab if you run out of time in class.

Chemistry of Soil Lab

This is an essential lab for AP Environmental Science. Students need to know the importance of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and pH for soil. I use a Rapitest Soil Kit in this lab on video.

Students will read about three soil samples, make predictions, watch several video clips, take data and analyze data. Students must then make a claim and justify their claim which is good practice for FRQ task verbs.

My Community Garden Plot

Chemistry of Soil Video Lab Document

Click for a link to the chemistry of soil document. There are places for you to insert your own custom title and first introductory paragraph. This is to help prevent cheating across the country with students searching for answers to this lab. Insert a paragraph about your own specific soil characteristics in your biome. Please make sure you still credit me for the document on the footer. Thanks. 🙂

This lab fits in Unit 4 for AP Environmental Science, but can be used in regular environmental science, earth science and agriculture classes.

Videos for Chemistry of Soil Video Lab

These are the videos for the lab–and yes, the still shots are terribly unflattering! There are also direct links on the document.

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