Unit 6 Energy Resources AP®Environmental Science

These are resources for Unit 6 of the Course and Exam Description for AP®  Environmental Science . No one will do all of these items, because of the lack of time. Choose the ones that best serve your students, lab equipment and what seems fun to you! 

Most of the resources linked here are free and can be found on a different post on my website, or the link takes you directly to the website with that resource. I do have links to some paid items from various locations for your reference as many teachers like to see those options too.

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Unit 6 Lessons, Labs and Resources for AP®Environmental Science

TopicActivities/Alternate Content Ideas (Most can be filmed for distance learning)VideosLabsArticlesIdeas for Distance Learning Labs
6.1Renewable vs. Nonrenewable ResourcesIdentifying Renewable and Nonrenewable resourcesHow Green are Electric Vehicles? NY Times article
6.2Global Energy ConsumptionNOVA Power Surge with worksheetElectricity 5E Lab with Kill-A-Watt Meters (YouTube video with data)Calculating My Carbon Footprint-HHMI
6.3Fuel Types and UsesNOVA Treasures of the Earth: Power with worksheetHow Does Your State Make Energy-NYTimes with worksheet
6.4Distribution of Natural Energy ResourcesSwitch Energy VideosExploring Regional and Local Renewable Energy Sources Virtual Lab
6.5Fossil FuelsEnergy Diagrams Doodle Notes
6.6Nuclear PowerHalf Life Math as a part of Energy Math20 Things you didn’t know about Nuclear
Chernobyl Sketch Notes
6.7Energy from BiomassCarolina: Biomass to Biofuel Lab
BioRad: Biofuel Enzyme Reactions Kit
6.8Solar EnergyPV Data and MathNOVA Saved by the Sun with worksheetSolar Cookers (I wait until after the AP Exam)Sacrificing the Desert to the Save the EarthNOVA Energy Virtual Lab
Vernier Go Direct with PV CellsSolar Power Energy Estimation Virtual Lab
Vernier Solar Thermal Exploration Kit-Experimental Design
6.9Hydroelectric PowerEnergy Diagrams Doodle NotesMake a dam-at home lab
6.101Geothermal Energy
6.11Hydrogen Fuel CellHydrogen Fuel Cell Car Demo
6.12Wind EnergyEnergy ChartWind Energy Lab-VernierBird deaths down 70 percent after painting wind turbinesDesign a windmill-at home lab
6.13Energy ConservationEnergy MathElectricity 5E Lab with Kill-A-Watt metersHow Green are Electric Vehicles? NY Times article

Make sure you are always practicing math. Read about APES math here.

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