Quick, Low-Tech Ways to Film Instructional Video

I like to film quick, low-tech, no-editing instructional videos for students.

Quick, because I’m a teacher and who has enough time?
Low-Tech means that I use items around the house and classroom or items that are cheap to buy.
No-Editing, because my students don’t care, and they find it funny when I make a mistake and keep going on. And… of course.. for time. And research backs me up in that no-editing is fine for student learning.

Here’s an explanatory video of how I use my iPad and iPhone to film video.

Ideas for holding up your device

A empty set of plant lights with a flexible arm clamp works for demonstrating labs with an overhead view.
The arm can be twisted to get the shot I need.

I filmed this Fecal Coliform Bacteria demonstration using the above method.

Use the flexible arm to film yourself at a whiteboard or at your desk or other location.

I used the flexible arm clamp on a lab table to film this Gross Primary Production/Net Primary Productivity demonstration. (Note, I did edit this video, but that’s because I had the time, its not necessary to edit most of what you film).

For funding ideas to purchase any of these items, read this post.

Good luck!

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