Getting to Know Your Students

A “Getting to know you” survey or questionnaire the first week of school is not a new idea. Used strategically, however, it is an essential tool to quickly learn about your students even before you’ve memorized all their names. I use Google Forms for instant results that I can quickly scan for specific items.

Computer Access

This is the most important item I want to learn right away in a flipped classroom.  Do my students all have internet access through a smart phone or computer?  Many students are embarrassed to come talk with me if they don’t have internet at home, but they will answer questions on a google form about their access. Making sure all kids have access and providing access if they don’t is crucial.

I scan the spreadsheet results to quickly find the kids without internet access. The highlighted student does not have a computer at home, but does have a SMART phone. This is fine as I make sure all my homework can be done on a phone.

Once I find students without computers or internet,  I can go to these students privately and find an individualized solution with them depending on their resources. These solutions can include:

  • Providing a flash drive with video lectures for kids with a computer, but no internet at home.
  • Teaching them how to download lecture videos on their phones using the school’s WiFi if they don’t have internet at home.
  • Providing a borrowed device such as donated old tablet or phone with video lectures downloaded on them.

First Time AP and How Many APs

This is an important snapshot for me to take of my classes as a whole and for individual periods and students. Every year its different and these questions give me an idea of how many kids will need more scaffolding in learning how to do well in an AP class.

2018 results. I typically have about 50-50, but this year, about 2/3 have taken AP before.
Another good snapshot of my classes to inform me of how many kids are juggling a lot of APs and those that are “trying out” only one AP.

Its also helpful to look at the results by period. I typically have one period where a lot of kids are “1st timers” and then another period where they’ve all taken 10th grade AP Euro and are now taking 3 or 4 APs.  I can approach instruction for each period differently.

Preferred Name

Some kids are shy and won’t tell you their nickname or preferred name when you call roll on the first day. Research shows that names are important for student achievement and I want to get it right.

Extra Curricular and Sports

I want to know which kids are in which activity for several reasons:

  1. Helps me make a personal connection with kids–I want to ask them about their team or band or theater group etc.
  2. Let me know of a coach or leader I can contact with any questions or concerns.
  3. Gives me a heads-up on who will have to leave early for matches, competition, games, choir tour, band tour etc.

Sample results

Some more great personal questions that you can ask are found on Norm Herr’s website.

And Anything Else…

This is another important items. I’ve had kids tell me about health problems that keep them out of class often, or their career aspirations, or that they are shy or……

For example, if I have a student who writes down special need or a health problem, I can privately ask them what I can do to help. Just that question means so much to the student.

Or, for shy students, I can talk with them about one of the items they mentioned–like building a computer. This helps bring them out of their shell a little.

Anything to understand our students better help them learn, but also demonstrates caring and compassion and creates a better community.