About Me

Welcome to my site. I enjoy writing and leading professional develop that is USEFUL to other teachers.  I hope my posts are clear and helpful as you teach AP.

I’ve been teaching science since 1995 and currently teach AP Environmental Science at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, CA.  I teach over 160 students each year in 5 regular sections and 1 online section of AP. I’ve been teaching APES for 12 years and am so grateful to teach this wonderful class.

I lead professional development for other teachers at workshops and conferences at the school, district, state and national level on topics including

  • Technology that makes the teacher’s life easier
  • Technology that improves student achievement
  • 5E Learning Cycle
  • Experimental Design in NGSS
  • Successful Ecocolumns
  • Common Core writing in a science class as alternative assessment

Kristi Schertz

To contact me, email at kristischertz@gmail.com